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ARCHIVES - STARS & CARS (Classic & Sportscar 1991)

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 Attractive softback issued as a supliment ot he famous publication, l2 landscape format pages of period photos either of famous (mostly movie star) people with their own exotic/classic cars or with famous cars from films: Cary Grand & Grace Kelly in TO CATCH A THIEF is the cover shot, inside you have, amomng others, a young Cliff Richard with his Caddillac in 1959, Sean Connery with the James Bond Aston in 1962 & Roger Moore with the 007 Esprit in the the 80s, James Dean etc in REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, Rex Harrison gazing at THE YELLOW ROLLS ROYCE and Number 6, THE PRISONER leaping into his Lotus 7.
Picture quality is easily good enough for the full page images to be cut out and framed(should you so wish - I'm not saying you should obviously...)
Fine condition