Early Season Events 2014 – Prescott – Shelsley – Silverstone – Beaulieu


A technical glitch has prevented any blogging here this season but it’s fixed at last! And we’ve been busy.

Back in April we were at SILVERSTONE for the Vintage Sports Car Club ‘Spring Start’ race meeting which was bright but chilly and featured a race for ERA racing car to celebrate their 80th birthday.

(left. Mac Hulbert warms up ERA R4D famously raced by Raymond Mays  in the 30-s and 40s). Barrie “Wizzo” Williams stopped by the stall for a chat – the ex BTCC driver who’s a familiar sight going sideways in all sorts of cars at Goodwood was, for once, not driving anything. But he can’t keep away from race tracks, we often see him at Shelsley Walsh too.

Prescott a couple of weeks later was a much more muddy affair! But the event was very good, very busy and chock full of good motor sport at a venue that looks very pretty in early spring with the blossom out on the apple trees. I had a long chat with F1 journalist Simon Arron who appears at all sorts of events during the season, as you can read in his MOTOR SPORT magazine column each month and he seems to have taken a particular like to hillclimbs.




Shelsley the following week was just the perfect spring day in one of the most picturesque English valleys you could imagine with the Will Hall bagging the best time of the day by just 1/100th of a second in his roaring V6 Nissan/Cosworth engined Force(above left).



Beaulieu Autojumble was something as bit different – you see the oddest sights there and the oddest people too. For once it was almost too hot. It felt more like mid summer until the sun went down …then it was very definitely spring again! But what happened to the bar on friday evening it was shut! That left several thousand exhibitors going thirsty….not good…




Prescott’s annual LA VIE EN BLEU event has a French theme and among the can-can girls, mime artists and suitably Gallic owners clubs (Renault, Citroen etc etc) were a lot of delectable Bugattis and some rare Amilcars of the same vintage. (Below left: John Huntley’s Bugatti T30). A brilliant weekend was had by all even if the rain did it’s best to spoil the first day and left the car parks looking like ploughed fields.









Final stop, last weekend(June 1) Shelsley Walsh for the British Championship hillclimb event  which had a dramatic twist in the tail. Top runner Wallace Menzies (below right) in his Cosworth V8 engined DJ Firehawk took a wild ride into the undergrowth on the second class run and got us all a bit worried for a time. The well-prepared car did it’s job however and he emerged from a complete wreck with fairly minor injuries.

Meanwhile a very different take on how to build a fast hillclimb car was in evidence, the home-made SPECTRE of Karl Scholar (below right) with 6 wheels, chain drive and plywood bodywork, showed that the art of the SHELSLEY SPECIAL is not dead!








If single-seaters were not your thing there was also a class for Ferraris…..








…and many other cars too. Had a long chat with OMS car designer/builder/driver Steve Owen on Saturday evening while trying (and mostly failing) to get the marquee put up and fitted out before dark. Suffice to say being located near the bar did not make that a very efficient process!

Also had a long chat with Joy Rainey who’s new book JOY ACROSS AMERICA we stock – she’s shortly heading off to her native Australia to drive her trusty 1904 Oldsmobile right across the country from west to east.  Good luck Joy!


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