The Apprentice : Encouraging The Next Generation…

Kevin, the Ice cream man stopped his van as it headed past us towards the exit. It was something after 6pm on a Sunday evening and raining. Kevin leaned out of the window and called to my 11 year old daughter Charlotte “He’s not going to pay you, so would you like an ice cream?”  Charlotte was helping me fold up the roof sheet from my marquee as we packed it away for the trip home. We’d spent the weekend selling books at Prescott Hillclimb and my ‘apprentice’ had enjoyed it all, even packing away in the rain!

This was the second event at which she’s helped out this season and both times has proved an excellent and enthusiastic assistant. She really likes classic cars and motor sport. She likes the venue and the people, the marshalls and the drivers, the helpers and, naturally, the presence of two excellent ice cream vans!

She’s also developed a keen interest in photography and spent a lot of the weekend pointing a camera at anything that took her eye – Austin A35s, Ferrari 328s, Ginettas (a new favourite marque having seen several in action) .

Back in August  she joined me for a short visit to Prescott on the weekend of the VSCC event. Circumstances prevented us attending that one with the bookstall but we had time for a late afternoon  look-around , cameras in hands.

For a budding photographer it’s something of a paradise. More exotic old cars per acre than just about anywhere you can imagine. And not just those competing or even in the car park, there are dozens out in the camp site, and trucks, and pick ups and even the odd ancient military vehicle. It’s a world a huge headlamps, wire wheels, elaborate radiator mascots and she loved it.

We wandered round admiring the haphazard assortment of interesting vehicles mingled with tents and camper vans. The smoke from a dozen over-stoked barbeques drifting in the warm air along with the aroma of charring steaks and sausages, Castrol R and long grass. Charlottes camera (well it was mine really but she had a firm hold on it) fired away in all directions, especially if the car in view was Italian (she has a bit of a passion for all things Italian, like the Alfa Romeo , left).

It was a joyful bit of Dad-and-Daughter time. And the hog-roast we had courtesy of Bonhams auctions was a nice way to finish it all off.

They had booze on tap too but she’s too young… and sadly I was driving so could not partake. Eventually she’ll be the one driving – and then maybe that situation will change!

Got to encourage the younger generation you see. It should pay off in the long run. Kevin the Ie Cream man clearly understands this and he did his best for me at the following event.  Cheers mate!

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