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AC Two-Litre Saloons & Buckland Sports Cars (Archibald 2002)

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 "Including a performance tuning guide for the AC two-litre engine"
 One of the 'New' generation of Cars that British Designers offered to the eagerly waiting public, albeit we had to queue behind the big export drive of immediate post war Britain. Still the British were used to that, with their food & clothing ration books. These quality but comparitivly low production volume cars gave sports car performance with Saloon Car accomodation and soon it was realised that an open version should follow. They thus pitched into the same market as Rover, Jowett, Austin & Riley each producing fine cars,  the saloons did well, although the open car slice of the cake was much deminished at home with our varied weather and the style did not really suit the American Markets for which they were originally intended. Nevertheless examples of AC Two-litre in both open and closed form have survived and are treasured and well appreciated today. This book looks this Model in great depth from its inception, through its various guises of development & evolution. The book runs to 128pp of text & picture and is comprehensive in the extreme. Superb Marque/Model presentation.