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AJB Special Archie Butterworth in paddock Winfield Scotland 1951 (c)

AJB Special Archie Butterworth in paddock Winfield Scotland 1951 (c)
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Available in two sizes : 7x5" (175x125mm)  or 10x7" (250x175mm) 
Recently printed from an original slide/negative in our archive.
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The amazing AJB Special with it's driver/builder Archie Butterworth at , Winfield, Scotland, 1951, where it was an entry in the one and only Scottish GP on July 21st.

The AJB was based on a 4wd Jeep chassis into which an ex WW2 German army Styer V8 aircooled scout car engine was fitted. A similar unit was used by Sydney Allard in his hillclimb car of the era, they were light, cheap, easy to tune and complied to the 4.5 litre unsupercharged limit of Formula One at the time. Allard used his car to win the British hillclimb series, Butterworth not only hillclimbed his car but entered in the ocassional circuit race as well, most famously he was on the grid for the 1950 Daily Express Trophy at Silverstone where the car became the first ever 4 wheel drive F1 entry - sadly the crank failed on lap 1!

Butterworth suffered a major accident at Shelsley Walsh a year later and was injured badly enough that he gave up driving and concentrated an developing his own engines - an AJB engine appeared in the Asdton-Butterworth F2 car of 1952-3 and later in a sportscar driven by Archie Scott Bown.

The AJB Special was sold to ex B17 test pilot Bill Milliken who rebuilt it, renamed it "Butterball" and ran in the Pikes Peake hillclimb in the mid 1950s.

Archie is the figure in the white shoes and crash helmet