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AMAZING GATSO : THE . Gatso the Never Ending Race (Allen 1993)

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This is the much enlarged and updated version of the book originally published in Holland in 1990. Maurice Gatsonides was a man of many talents, as Race/Rally Driver, he competed at le mans and in the Monte Carlo rally among many other events, was the designer and builder of his own Sports Car for production purposes and also unfortunately he was interested in photography and timing for speed events. Alas, his equipment was so good that as many of us know to our cost it was utilised by the Police Forces of the World to trap the Motorist who's speed was over the limit and thus become an source of extra government revenue...
 All aspects are covered in this book of extreme attitudes to the God of Speed... one way or other!
 The large format book is in fine condition with fine jacket . 240 pages. Much in Colour. Great Read.