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American Road Race Specials 1934-70 (Girdler 1990)

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Superb account of the 'Specials' produced by American Enthusiasts and built to take on the best that Europe could offer on American Soil. From this creative  craft was spawned the Can-Am Group 7 Monsters so fondly now remembered as given the biggest spectacle and challenge of all time. Many of the early attempts were derived from current production such as the Model 'A' Ford, others from more unlikely sources that gave the Grids such a unique flavour. The influx of European Chassis design and Sports Cars such as Allard, Jaguar, Ferrari & Maserati would influence, but power and the big V8's would reign supreme with the advent ofd the Scarab and Chaparral cars of the 50s and 60s. 208 pages Softbound and in very nice condition.Not mint but very smart.