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Aston Martin DB3S 62 EMU Le Mans 1955

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The 2nd placed factory Aston Martin DB3S of Peter Collins/Paul Frere at le Mans in 1955. The car is seen here from the main grandstand opposite the old pits which were demolished after this event. This was due to the apalling accident that claimed over 80 lives when Levegh's Mercedes crashed into the crowd glose to where the photos was taken. The safety facilities at Le Mans were completely upgraded for 1956 including the building of a new pit complex (itself later demolished and replaced with the current one) Collins and Frere, both F1 drivers for Ferrari at some point in their careers (Collins was almost 1956 world champion for the team!) seen here in the apalling weather that charictersied this race. The 3 litre Aston was not expected to do well against a considerable number of factory Jaguars, Mercedes Ferraris and Maseratis but the weather and the dreadfull accident decimated the field. By the flag only the Jaguar D Type of Hawthorn and Bueb was ahead but it was a sombre victory in the wake of such tragedy. This photo is a good talented-amateur quality shot and is interesting as much for the background as the fact it features Aston "62 EMU" (Chassis DB3S/6)is one of the most famous cars the team ever ran.

10x7 inch (254x178mm)