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Aston Martin Shelsley Walsh 1922 Zborowski Chitty LARGE

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Large 12X16 inches (300x400mm) evocative black and white photo of Count Louis Zborowski, the creator of the legendary Chitty Chitty Bang Bang racing car at Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb with his Grand Prix Aston Martin on 29 July 1922 . The car was known known by the nickname ""Green pea"".

Zborowski, a director of the Aston Martin firm, ran this car in the French GP in 1924 as well as competeing at Brooklands with one or other of his three Chity Aero engined specials. He later gained a place in the Mercedes Benz Grand Prix squad but was sadly killed at the Italian GP.

Re-print of a superb 1920s photo showing Shelsley Walsh as it was, loose dusty surface and big crowd packed close to the edge of the road. Not many years afterwards the crowds were barred from sitting on the bank in the background which, is now the site of a marshalls post and a commentators booth.