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Automobile Body Design : The Complete Book of (Beattie 1977)

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From the earliest days of Motoring, the appearance of the Automobile was equally the most important aspect of the Car, as were the reliability, economy & performance. In truth, for those who could afford a car in its earliest form, the body was perhaps the most important, with all the principal members of the family stating their preferences. This book shows how the carriage trade initially infleunced the designs, hence the term, Horseless Carriages! The body builder worked independant of the Motor Manufacturer, who supplied the running chassis. Gradually the process has changed, with today every Motor Car being a complete package, even in 1977, when this book was published the 'writing was on the wall' for the few surviving coachbuilders. The Body styles are illustrated and the evocative names given are of a bygone age. A nostalgic & informative look at an aspect of Motoring History. 143 pages. The book is in very good condition as is the jacket