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Automobile Handbook 1906 : The(damaged)

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Predecessor to the R.A.C. Yearbook, before the Automobile gained Royal Patronage in I believe 1908/09. This then is the 3rd ever issue of the book, the first being in 1904. In 1906 this club "Automobile Club of Great Britain and Ireland" worked closely with "Motor Union" and both their emblems appear embossed in gilt on the Red Cloth Cover boards. In about 1911/12, the Motor Union combined with the opposition and became part of the AA. The book which runs to 723 pages is the Bible of all things Motoring at that time, including the preparation for European Tours that were all the rage of the wealthy elite, roadside diagnosis & repair, where Petrol could be obtained & repairs be effected. The Law & regulations are covered as are Hotels that met the standard. This & much more including the Sporting side and the many period advertisements for Automobiles & Accessories make this a delightful time warp. The book is well worn has considerable wear and damage to the cover boards (see photo and the binding has been repaired. Priced to reflect this