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Simon's Blog

GREAT CARS & GREAT TIMING  - Back at Prescott Hillclimb
It was four years since we were last at Prescott hillclimb with the bookstall. Covid lockdowns and other lesser hurdles got in the way of an earlier return. But finally , this spring, we were back…well here I was, as my faithful assistant of recent years,...
There's Gold In Them Hills!  Falcon Trial March 4th 2023
After five season of trying Charlotte and I finally bagged a Gold medal on a car trial! We missed one by literally a couple of feet last year on the Lands End but on the first weekend of March 2023 we completed the Falcon Motor Club Anniversary Trial...
The Stirling Moss Moment. Testing Racing Cars With The Maestro.
FIRST POSTED 17th April 2020. With the passing of the world's most famous racing driver, a memory of testing racing cars with the Maestro back in 1996. "Bloody Hell! That IS Stirling Moss!"
One For The Racing Driver's Book of Excuses : Cotswold Clouds Trial 2023
Adventures on an unusual COTSWOLD CLOUDS trial with a third different passenger/navigator in three events. It was great fun but the results has me searching through the mythical RACING DRIVER'S BOOK OF EXCUSES for reasons...
"I'll Never Forget Hungerford Steps!" The 2023 Clee Hills Trial
Finally getting the Suzuki X-90 to finish an event after a long series of recent problems. Stand in navigator Graham Jones found the event 'extreme' in nature . But the result was a most welcome 3rd in class.