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Simon's Blog

World Champions Down In The Woods : Network Q Rally GB Media Days 1998-99
ORIGINALLY POSTED 19th July 2020. Two decades ago the local woods were packed with Woorld Rally Cars! The RALLY GB had arrived for it's annual media day and even the corporate guests were world champions!
A Coach With A Past . Our 1937 Bedford WTB JT 8077
ORIGINALLY POSTED 29 June 2020. The coach I seemed to spend half my childhood riding around in had a history - it had been a tour bus to a chart-topping group - and a future - it starred in more than one TV drama in later life!
ORIGINALLY POSTED 15th May 2020 . An exploration into the mind-bending simplicity of what , at the ourbreak of WW1, was the world's most successful aero engine.
Sudden Fascination 2 – Trojan Utility Cars
ORIGINALLY POSTED May 5th 2020. Peculiar in concept, bizarre in practice but an unlikely commercial success as a car. The Trojan so cheap to run the slogan was "Can You Afford To Walk?"
It Already Seems So Long Ago : Clee Hills And Cotswold Clouds Trials 2020
ORIGINALLY POSTED 7th April 2020. Easter and Covid has prevented everyone from getting out and about - time for reflection on our early season activities before the lockdowns struck...