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BRANDS HATCH RAC SALOON 3x 7x5 photos Oct 24 1976 Gerry Marshall, Walkinshaw, Spice, Rouse, Craft

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SET OF 3 7x5" (175x125mm) colour  action photos of  the RAC SALOON race (now the BTCC) at Brands October 24 1976. The day was dull so these are all grainy photos taken by an amateur, please make allowances for image quality.
top left.  Gerry Marshall (Magnum) and Andy Rouse (Dolomite) lead Gordon Spice & Chris Craft (Capris)
top right. Rouse & Marshall 
Lower.  Tom Walkinshaw (Capri) Rouse & Marshall

all printed recently from original slides held in our archives 
Printed up recently from an original negative held in our archives