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Brooklands Bikes in the Twenties (Hartley 1980)

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A decade of Motorcycling at Brooklands in the 'Roaring Twenties' never has such a era evoked so much emotion of extremes, from the collapse of Wall Street and our own General Strike to the Flappers & Toffs who partied all night and the ever increasing Speed records on Land, Sea & Air. This then is the background to which men of little or meager means, but with a lot of ingenuity & courage built and raced their machines every weekend they could, then rode them home, used them as daily transport, repaired & rebuilt into the small hours and repeated the exercise the next weekend. Some would be fortunate having proved their worth to secure a works ride, others would not, but all would turn out come wind or shine to race these wonderful machines at Brooklands, in the twenties. The book runs to 244 pages with some  great photos.  Softbound in very good condition apart from small scracth on the front - see photo.