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Buckler's Hard and Its Ships (John 2nd Lord Montague 1909)

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Published by: "The Car Illustrated Limited" which was Lord Montagu's Publishing  House for his Principal interest in life: (The Motor Car), for which he Championed the Cause, through the House of Lords, (Hostile Horsey Types - not much changes!) at every opportunity. This then, is the book about a part of his Estate that produced & launched many fine Vessels for both War & Trade, going back in History to the early 18th/late 19th  Century. A delightful little book of just 43 rag edge pages and several photo plates, complete with a Map of the location in 1750. This little book has a lovely patina of ageing/foxing, but apart from this, it is in super condition and appears much as it did the day it left the printers, on behalf of the Car Illustrated Publishing Company Limited.