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Cassell's Cyclopaedia of Mechanics (Hasluk 1910) 6 volumes

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Subtitled "Receipts, Processes And Memoranda For Workshop Use" 
Originally published as a single Volume in 1900. This is the much expanded 6 Volume set of 1910. Paul Hasluck is the man who also put together . There is a strange and unusual mix of what constitutes "mechanics" some of the contents in motoring ralted while other is general machinery and even furniture!  In fact this seems more like a houshold D.I.Y. guide to anything that's not food or clothing!  The Edwardian Householder could, with a decent set of tools and practical application undertake on his Suburban Villa to give it that individual look that would out-do the Jones's next door. In total the six volumes amount to well in excess of 1000pp of text plan and illustration. Wonderful piece of practical Social History that would be a god-send to anyone contemplating an Edwardian Home recreation. The books are in good clean condition, there are a few marks on the cover boards and the pages do have some foxing but generally it's all very tidy and looks unread (too daunting for many to even start I'd venutre!) All makmng up a very heavy set so postage will be accordingly. Wonderful set and very hard to better.