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Chauffeur's Companion : The (A Four-Inch Driver 1909)

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The Author was doubtless a Man of some experience being a then current driver in the Tourist Trophy Motor Race on the Isle of Man (The" Four-Inch " reference was to th the Engine Formula in use for that Race). The book was written for the benefit of the new Edwardian breed of Domestic Staff that took over from the Victorian Coachman/Groom to the Stately Homes of Britain. All aspects of Driving to 'the standard' expected and the well being of one's charge or charger! in terms of reliability, maintenance, repair and for appearance and comfort to the Master's satisfaction. 140 pages of Social History as well as a delight for the Motor Historian. The book is in Good Condition albeit the covers are very much faded/discoloured and rather grubby, as befitting its use!