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CHITTY BANG BANG (Arbuthnot)and WALMSLEY SPECIAL (Birks)in Lancaster Gate Mews 1934

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 The ex Zborowski 'Chitty 1' with a later owner , it was also owned by the sons of Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle(of Sherlock Holmes fame) around this time and eventually left to rust by the trackside at Brooklands  when it's age meant it was no longer eligable to compete there. It seems to have been scrapped soon afterwards.

The Walmsley Special is a mytstery vbut maybe it was built be (or for) William Lyons' (of Jaguar) business partner William Walmsley, from their early days operating as Swallow sidecars/coach building? 

Available 10x7 inch (250x175mm) or 7x5 (175x125mm)

Newly printed in a commercial photo lab from the original negative held in our archives