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Coaching Age :The (Mountfield 1976)

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A nostalgic and factual look back at the use of our few dusty road links from City to City, never mind the Town to Town, or Village to Village. You probably still walked those, or just did not go. Even before the Railways,  the Coach and Four ruled supreme as the only means of conveyance when important family visits or business matters many miles away had to be dealt with on a face to face basis. It was of course also the means of the Mail Service and thus ran to a strict timetable, with Stages on route where fresh horse changes were made and rest and sustenance was provided for the weary traveller. Take the trip back to those days of Yon, but be ever on your guard for the Mugger of the Day, namely Captain Moonlight or the like! 181 pages very good condition book and jacket is very good apart from some wear along top edge