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COLIN CHAPMAN - WAYWARD GENIUS ( Lawrence 2002) 1st ed

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 Salty biography of the legendary LOTUS CARS boss by the ever-brave and undaunted Mike Lawrence (who wrote STORY OF MARCH) terrific look into the life of the great man, a genius at designing road and race cars, a genius at self publicity and promotion but as the title suggests, sometimes a bit of a loose-cannon and the kind of 'charachter' you seldom see in motor sport these days...not without reason.

Full of tales about Lotus, it's famous drivers - Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Fittipaldi, Mario Andretti etc. and also the involvement of Lotus if the DeLorean scandal in the early 80s and Champans seemingly timly death just as it all went pear shaped. As ever Lawrence is a very entertaining writer and peppers the text with stories that many would never have the nerve to include!

A great book on a truly great figure in motoring and motor sport.

2002 1st edition

255 pages. As-new (as good as you will get allwing for age).