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Complete Mercedes Story : The (Nitzke 1955)

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One of the most written about makes of Motor Car. Mercedes or Mercedes-Benz. This version takes us from the advent of the Automobile, courtesy of Karl Benz & Gottlieb Daimler who between them, although separately at near enough the very same time produced what is the very basis of what we drive today. Mercedes came about when the sole non-german agent of Daimler (Emile Jellinek) asked the Daimler company to produce a car to his specification that he maintained he could sell as many as they could produce and so named it after his daughter the Mercedes was born. The companies of Mercedes & Benz would merge to produce better & better cars that were further developed on the Races Tracks of the World with great effect. 167 pages The Book is in very good condition  but the jacket is well worn at the edges and corners.