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Coventry's Motorcycle Heritage (Kimberley 2009)

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Coventry has long been known as the UK's Detroit as the country's Motor City, but this is assumed to be because of the Motor Car Manufacturer's who set up their business's there. If however one stops to think about it, in the early days at least it was not uncommon, in fact most probable that before the Car these self same people were producing Bicycles and then with the advent and availability of the propriety ICE that these would be added to 2, 3 and 4 wheel contraptions. Many dabbled in all three options, some on two and others concentrated on a single configuration. This book is devoted to the 2 wheeled version, but don't be surprised by the number of manufacturers to appear that you associate with cars. A magnificent assembly from A-Z of these once famous names. A truly staggering number and all from the one abode! The softbound book is in as New Condition and runs to 159 pages