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 10x7inch (250x175mm) photo from LE MANS 1955 of the unusual Cunningham C6R sports racing car as run in the event by Briggs Cunningham himself amd co-driver Sherwood Johnson. The C6R was the ultimate development of Cunningham;s own sports car line, after this he switched to buying Jaguars and Listers and later Maserati's . The 6CR also differed from the others in running an Indy 500 style Offenhauser straight 4 twin cam engine of around 3 litres capacity ( the other Cunninghams ran large displacement production-derived Chrysler V8s) . Sadly the car retired with a broken piston after running 196 laps of the 8 mile circuit. The event was won by the Hawthorn & Bueb works team Jaguar D Type with the Belgian car 3rd but the race was blighted by the apalling accident to Pierre Levegh's Mercedes which went into the packed crowds right opposite the pits, killing over 80. It was the worst accident in motor racing history and came close to seeing the sport banned altogether in many countries (it still is in Switzerland) .