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ERA R8C Earl Howe at Brooklands 1939 at speed

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Excellent photo of ERA R8C at Brooklands in the JCC 200 International Trophy race in early 1939 being driven by English aristocrat Earl Howe (the future Viscout Curzon), here seen correcting a slide with another ERA, R5B (The famous 'Remus' formerly raced by B Bira) driven by StJohn 'Jock' Horsfall, in the background.

Horsfall was a leading light in the Aston Martin company at the time and killed in a racing accident just after the war.

Howe raced Grand Prix Bugatti and Delage cars across Europe and at Brooklands in the early 30s and his ERA voiturette during the later thirties - although by no means a young man at that point . He recovered from a huge accident in ERA R8C at Brooklands in 1938 which looked as if it might force him into retirement. The car was rebuilt as you see here and 'the old man' raced again.

The 'C' type ERA featured independent front suspension to the Porsche-pattern as also used in the Auto Union Grand Prix cars, the VW Beetle and the early Porsche's. It was powered by a 6 cylinder supercharged engine of either 1500cc or 2000cc which was based on a Riley design with twin cams located just under the head, operating overhead valves. The gearbox was a pre-selec
tor and ERAs dominated Voiturette racing in Europe in the mid 1930s against Maserati and Bugatti opposition. Howe was one of several rich privateer drivers who bought cars, others included a member of the Ansell brewing family, a biscuit manufacturer, Prince Bira, the Siamese royal and future German GP winner Richard Seaman who drove for Mercedes Benz from 1937 to his death in 1939.

10x8 inch (254x203mm)