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FERRARI 246s Hawthorn, Collins Tripps paddock 1958 British GP 10x7"am' photo

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 10x7 inch (250x175mm)  amateur photo 

Features the three Ferrari 246 V6 Dino team cars of Hawthorn, Collins & von Tripps  in the paddock prior to the 1958 British GP. The figure to the right front looks like engine guru Carlo Chiti who went on to run Alfa Romeo's Le Mans and F1 efforts in the 60s,70s and 80s before founding Motore Moderni to build turbo F1 engines for Minardi etc. 

Collins and Hawthorn finished 1-2 in this event - Collins died at the German GP only 2 weeks later. Tripps died in the 1961 Italian GP, Hawthorn in a road crash in early 1959... team mate Musso had already died at the French GP a couple of weeks before this photo was was that kind of era.

Modern reprint of an original amateur photo

Done in a professional photo lab