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Horseless Carriage Days (Maxim 1937) 3rd ed.

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Rag-edge pages, typical of the era. The author, son of the famous machine-gun pioneer, looks back to his earliest involvement in the manufacture of Motor Cars both Petrol and Electric at the turn from the 19th to the 20th Century. He was also an inventor who considered both forms of motive power had merit worthy of full development, but his employer the Pope Co., would always have the final say, despite his spirited efforts to do his 'own thing'. It was written some 25-35 years after these events took place and the rate of progress makes it hard to believe so much could have been achieved in such a small time. This book is written in great style, with a sharpness of mind and attention to detail that takes you right back into his life of that era. 175 pages plus lots of sepia period photos that will not be found elsewhere. The book is in  good condition aside from a little bit of wear on the corners of the cloth, most notably on the back cover (see image) No jacket.. Rare item for the serious collector.