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HWM F2 John Brown at Winfield Scotland 1951

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Photo of the ex team car owned by Scotsman John Brown, sat in the paddock at Winfield for the 1951 Scottish GP event where it was driven in the big race by BRM, Aston Martin and Alfa Romeo team driver Reg Parnell.

John Brown is seen at the wheel here and drove in the supporting event. I confess I know nothing about this driver at all - the HWM was a serious motor car for it's time. What was his background in racing? Anyone know?

Nice shot printed up from an original 35mm negative held in our archives.In the background you can see several other cars including the AJB special, one large lorry used as a transporter and the rather bleak backdrop of Winfield RAF base, where the race took place.

10x7 inch (254x178mm)