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LOLA T530 (Foulston/Brindley) Birmingham Thundersports August 1986 10x7" (B)

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10x7" (250x175mm) colour  action photo of the former Can-Am series Foulston/Brindley Lola T530 in qualifying for the Thundersports race at the inauguaral (and chaoctic) Birmingham Super Prix event in August 1986 - the race never ran because of a cloudburst which alted the feature F3000 race early and more or less ruined the whole event's future before it had realyy begun - The Super prix struggled on untill 1990 making a big loss for the organisers.  

The Foulston car was ex VDS car chassis HU10 which may or may not have been run by Bobby Rahal in 1980 before aquiring it's swoopy VDS body later.