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Lotus 88 side-rear view 1981 British GP

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Photo of the infamous Lotus 88 from 1981 - a car that was banned from racing and only ever took part in practice sessions. The reason it was banned is it's curious 'twin chassis' which got around the rules banning moving aerodynamic devices by, in effect, having the whole bodywork mounted on springs (and calling it a chassis) so that it hugged the road and created awesome downforce while the 'other' conventional chassis, containing car, driver etc did it's own thing, on it's own suspension, underneath....

Complex? You bet!

The scrutineers disagreed with the Lotus view of what constituted a 'chassis' and banned the car from it's debut in Long Beach. It was revised and initially passed for the British GP - ran in first practice before it was promptly banned again.

10x7 inch (254x178mm)