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MARCH 771 Patrick Neve at speed in Williams entered car 1977 French GP.

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 Action photo of Patrick Neve ar speed in the Williams GP Engineering entered Saudia March 771 - the first car the team ran before building it's own FW06 for 1978, when Alan Jones joined them . The story is that this chassis was actually an ancient 741 with more than one previous owner and March, who were not averse to 'recycling' chassis, passed it off as new! Although Frank Williams was to savvy to have fallen for this, surely, so perhaps it was a cut price deal ? Either way it kick started the Williams team after it's previous incarnation had passed into the hands of sponsor Wolf in 1976. 

10x7 inch (254x178mm) or 7x5" (175x125mm)
Recently printed in a commercial lab from the original lside held in our archive