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Maxwell Illustrated RHD. Price List Of Parts (1916)

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A complete price list and part number of every single part that went into the mak-up of the 1915/16 Maxwell Car of that season. You could if you had the wish so to do: and the machinery, the know-how and the cash to buy the raw materials create a brand new Maxwell 1915/16 Model today from the illustrations and descriptions. Quite impractical, but what a thought! Alternatively the book might better suit someone who actually owns one of these 95 year old cars and needs to make the odd part or try and search it out at the Autojumble. 128 pages. The softbound book is in very good condition for it's age, the staples are rusting and have stained a little in the immediate area  and there one or two small marks (ink?) but otherwise it's really nice.