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Montagu Motor Book : The (Sherrin & Montagu c.1910)

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Undated but circa 1910. The Hon John Scott Montagu, a keen Motorist himself who fought the case of the early Automobile community, through his position as M.P. and also through his literary connections & periodicals, he supported Books he felt worthy and this was one he put his name to for many a year. The book was intended to make the owner/potential owner aware of the intricacies of his Motor and not consider it a 'Box of Tricks' best left to the Chauffeur, who might just try it on with an ignorant & wealthy owner! A chapter is devoted to each of the major components of the latest & best of Motors currently available. There is also reference to Problems & diagnosis, Tyres (the single most expensive item at the time, with the roads the way they were), maintenance and even tuition in Motor Driving. This delightful book runs to 288 pages and is explained in both text & illustration with great clarity. The book is in fine condition for one over 100 years old! Highly desirable.