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Nature Jottings of a Motorist (Mortimer-Batten 1926)

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Delightful book, that by its very title gives good indication as to what Motoring would have been like Eighty Years ago. Today the only nature we Motorists are privy to are the 'squashed' remains of the victims of Nocturnal Juggernaut Drivers, each morning on the way into work. Not so, when Mortimer Batten went for a run in his Motor Car and stopped to listen & photo nature going about its business, a lot of these runs would have also been at night, but the sounds and the rustles told of much 'goings-on'. In truth, if you have the time & inclination it is probable that you could re-create the Author's experiences with the add of a local Ordnance Survey Map to find what remains of 'life' in our ever decreasing Countryside. Lovely Book of 312 pages, no jacket but clean book in very good condition