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Opel RAK 2 1927 rocket land speed record car photo 10x7"

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Unusual 1920s amateur photo of  the amazing Opel RAK 2 rocket powered car posed, I assume, outside the Opel factory in the late 1920s. This was an experimental car built with a mass of solid fuel rockets at the back which, once fired, could not be switched off until they ran out of fuel! The car was noisy and spectacular but hadn't got the endurance to run for more the a short distance so was never able to attempt any records. It also featured very advanced side mounted wings to give down-force (unheard of at the time!) and stability, something that wasn't really picked up on until the mid 1960s by regular race car designers.

This is an unusual photo and not one that features in any books or magazine features on the car. 

Approx. 10x7 inches (250x175mm)in size. 

Recently printed in a commercial photo lab