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Reminiscences of a Long Life (Spencer Cox 1950)

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The reminiscences of Dr. Cox commence with his adventures on Bicycles, initially the Boneshaker he rode in 1876 progressing to the High Wheeler, Ordinary (Penny Farthing) in 1886 (both in photos) and through to his first motor car  in 1904 and a 1894 Panhard 7hp of the type that had won the very first City to City Races. Called 'Pretty Jane' she was the transport for two years and 10000 miles. She was replaced by 'Victorine' the New 15hp Panhard.There is also coverage and photos of sailing boats the author owned.  Signed dedication to the Author's own Wife reads: " For my dear Wife. The perfect Companion and Helpmate. W.S.C. Xmas 1950" - Another period penned inscription reads To Margaret from Mrs Pendel. The book bears the Number 43 which maybe the particular number of this book from a very small numbered run.The many photographs incorporated are original prints 'tipped in' to the pages.  275 pages + approx 50 photographs affixed to plain pages. The book is Blue Leather and Cloth bound with Gilt embossed Titles and in VGC.  I imagine you really won't find another!