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Rivals Lancia D50 and Mercedes-Benz W196 (Nixon 1999)

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In the early fifties Alfa Romeo, Ferrari & Maserati dominated for Italy in Grand Prix Racing, but with the return of the dominiant Mercedes-Benz Team from Germany, with its W196 & Fangio leading a team of talented drivers, it was to Lancia that the Italians looked to return the status quo! The Lancia D50 matched the Mercedes in its beauty & exquisite engineering. (Italy felt confident. "If it looks right, it will perform right & anyway they had twice World Champion Alberto Ascari to lead an equally talented team of drivers!) Alas, whilst Mercedes had seemingly unlimited funds, the same was not the case for Lancia, the timing was unfortunate, the tragic loss of their beloved team leader, in a strange accident, full of coincidence, that paralled his equally famous fathers death, 30 years earlier, all lead to the team not able to develop the true potential of a magnificent race car. Lancia gave the entire team to Ferrari in a gesture to save racing honours for Italy, but to late. Mercedes had for two short years dominated again & retired on their laurels, the challenge had gone. The Italian fans had not been sympathetic to the D50's earlier failings, but it solved Ferrari's immediate needs, some limited success followed, but now already dated, it soon passed away to be replaced by the all new & competitive Ferrari's. But what might have been.......? 212 large pages , Book and jacket in fine condition