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Saga of the Roaring Road (Wagner 1949)

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This is a new & revised edition of the book that originally appeared in 1937. Fred Wagner's memories of Early Auto Racing in America as told to John Mitchell. Wagner was the offical starter from the earliest day's of racing. From the big Chain Driven Monsters of the 1900's, the board races, dirt tracks & ovals, from the photos his was the most dangerous job of all, waving the cars off and waving them in at the finishm, all done in a near suicidal fashion and flamboyant fashion. His reflections on those often crazy times make impressive reading in the clinically safe & serious way it is executed today. Barney Oldfield, Ralph De Palma, Earl Cooper and many more. A rare book this side of the water. Softbound in good, if a little worn condition - understandable given age and type of paper used..