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SHADOW DN5 Jean-Pierre Jarier Spanish GP 1975

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Superb 10x7inch (250x175mm) photo of Jen-Poerre Jarier at speed in his SHADOW DN5 at the infamous Spanish GP of 1975 . This was the event held in the picturesque Montjuic Park in Barcelona - a fantastic closed-road circuit but one which hadn't been properly set up, bolts were missing from barriers and othe dafty facilities were lacking. The drivers almost went on strike in practce, Fittipaldi refunded to race at all and when after the teams had all worked on bolting ther barriers in place the event ran nto further chaos . The leader, Rolf Stommelen, lost the rear wing on his Hill Lola and flew over the barriers into the crowd, killing several and seriously injuring others, including himself. The race was halted after justy 29 laps and Jochen Mass was declared the winner. Jarier was in 4th at the time