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Stephen South : The Way It Was (Banks 2017)

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New biography of English racing driver Stephen South, a contemporary rival of Nigel Mansell's  who rose rapidly towards F1 in the late 1970s with blistering speed in the lower formulas which soon saw him offered first a Lotus and then a McLaren F1 test . The latter led to a drive in the Long Beach GP in 1980 as a replacement for the injured Alain Prost.... Sadly that all went badly wrong on several fronts. A drive for the emergent Toleman team in European F2 was suddenly withdrawn because of the McLaren test (the Toleman team went on to win that years title and move up to F1 in 1981). South bagged a Can-Am series drive in the USA for Paul Newman's team instead, that went even more horribly wrong. His career ended with the loss of a lower leg after a massive crash mid season.  A fascinating behind the scenes look at how talent is used and abused in motor racing and how careers can turn on a single decision . In some ways this echoes the much acclaimed book CRASHED AND BYRNED but from an earlier era and with a very different leading character and a much more abrupt ending. Stiff-back. New , delivered direct from the publisher