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Stock-Cars en France 1953-1970 (Curvel & Berthonnet 2007)

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Rare history of stock car racing in France, a full-contact version of the American sport which after becoming an overnight sensation with the crowds  was exported to England a year later and has taken root ever since. This book, written by one of the sport's great names Guy Curval (who's 'ironed up' Jaguar XK120 features on the cover) features masses of action packed photos from venues including the BUFFALO STADIUM in Paris, where it all began, and a mind boggling assortment of America, French and British cars that were used (you might wince at the concept of a vintage Bugatti stock car!)  French Text, 144 lartge pages , printed cover boards, Still sealed in original celophane. New condition. Rare book not, as far as I know, ever marketed in Britiain (I may be wrong)