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Voisin : La différence (Ladure,Moch,Vanier 2014)

Voisin : La différence (Ladure,Moch,Vanier 2014)
Voisin : La différence (Ladure,Moch,Vanier 2014) Voisin : La différence (Ladure,Moch,Vanier 2014) Voisin : La différence (Ladure,Moch,Vanier 2014)
Voisin : La différence (Ladure,Moch,Vanier 2014)
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Lavish , oversize and heavyweight (over 3kg)  French/English text celebration of the famous and exotic AVIONS VOISIN who produced some of the most individual and interesting designs of the 20s and 30s and their founder and chief designer, Gabriel Voisin  a pioneer flyer a contemporary and business associate of Henri Farman who made his fortune supplying the French air force in WW1 then turned to car production after the armistice. He designed a monocoque chassis for his Grand Prix "C6" in 1923 (39 years before Colin Chapman's Lotus 25)  and a host of smooth sleeve valve engines including Straight-Twelve (!) Unlike many car manufacturers of the time he produced his own coachwork which grew ever more bizarre with the passing years and incorporated numerous unique design features from sliding roofs and luggage boxes on the running boards to  rather dazzeling art deco style upholsteries which now make restored cars look so very "different" which I guess accounts for the title of this tome. After the company finally ceased car production in 1939 Voisin diversified into desiging all manner of things most notably a micro car which was built in Franco's Spain in huge numbers durign the 1950s. THE AUTOMOBILE reviewer, the late art historian Brian Sewell, no less,  said this was "a proper book" and it's certainly filled with gorgeous artful colour photos of restored cars as well as period sepia images of the man and his cars and planes  .As-new book in illustrated  presentation box/ case. Pages un-numbered but I would guess at around 260-280 in all.